i miss you more than life.

do not interact / follow if :

  • no minors allowed on my twitter! you may interact on other socials, but please be aware i am nearly 30 and talk about subjects you may not be comfy with.

  • my twit is just me posting whatever asinine thought that comes through my head. i don't use tone tags.

  • if you use your religion as an excuse to be a bigot, go ahead and fuck off.

  • general dni criteria, of course.

  • andrew tate + donald trump supporters are absolutely not welcome anywhere at any time. please seek therapy.

  • i don't tolerate anti-behavior of any kind. you can dislike something without being a douchebag.

  • if you don't respect celeb privacy: bye.

  • ㅤnameㅤㅤsav.

  • ㅤaliasㅤㅤpeach / mom.

  • ㅤageㅤㅤ29.

  • ㅤpronounsㅤㅤshe / they.

  • ㅤtimezoneㅤㅤgmt -5.

ㅤA B O U Tㅤㅤfandom war veteran. drowning in fiction to avoid reality. mom friend. night shift. will send you tik toks daily. strawberries & cream dr pepper addict.

c u r r e n t l y
ㅤreading:ㅤㅤ borne by jeff vandermeer
ㅤwatching:ㅤㅤlove, death & robots
ㅤplaying:ㅤㅤ dbd, star rail, tcm
c o n t a c t



iced coffee. sci-fi. minimalism. anything that distracts me from my own mind. podcasts. making lists. psychological horror. fanfiction. watching let's plays.
bigots. tomatoes. cancel culture. bigfin squid. gore. age gaps that include a minor. mushrooms. "horror" that relies on jumpscares. solo stans that anti the rest of the idol's group.
fave books / manga / webtoons
modao zushi, bananafish, the raven cycle, all for the game, lore olympus
fave video games
nier: automata, hades, dead by daylight, honkai: star rail, cyberpunk 2077, life is strange series, cult of the lamb, portal, kingdom hearts series
fave anime / movies / show
weak hero class 1, alice in borderland, haunting of hill house, star wars, howl's moving castle, anastasia, it's okay to not be okay, stranger things
fave music / bands
a.c.e, bts, kehlani, sleep token, ashnikko, txt, stayc, chase atlantic, nf, pvris, shinee, post malone, xg

𝗡𝗼𝘄 𝗽𝗹𝗮𝘆𝗶𝗻𝗴:
(eat your heart out, buddy kane! - devita)
00:43 ━━━━━━━●──── 01:19

↺ ◁ ❚❚ ▷ ♡

  • ㅤa.c.eㅤㅤjunhee.

  • ㅤbtsㅤj-hope. jungkook.

  • ㅤf(x)ㅤㅤsulli. luna.

  • ㅤseventeenㅤㅤs.coups.

  • ㅤshineeㅤjonghyun.

  • ㅤstaycㅤㅤseeun.

  • ㅤtxtㅤㅤtaehyun. huening kai.

  • ㅤxgㅤㅤjuria. cocona.


ㅤC O N T A C Tㅤㅤreminder that my twitter is 18+ only! i probably wont follow back or accept a request unless you tell me beforehand, especially for instagram. softblock/mute me at any time.